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Humacao, Puerto Rico

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The lot's original residence was a row-house. Its direction and volume was restricted by the property lines.
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The house's new owner acquired the right of use of the adjacent land to the house, allowing to totally change the orientation towards the panoramic views at the East. The principal volume of the house stayed within the property limits, but the balconies and terraces were developed to completely integrate the interior of the residence with the outer gardens.Our intervention was composed of three actions. First, it was the reorganization of the spaces near the house.

Photo by Max Toro

A new lower level was excavated in order to have a space at the same elevation as the land and swimming pool. The room on the main floor opens totally to the East and South, the main views of the islands and sea. We took advantage of the double height space in the living room to create a new master bedroom on the third level, opening windows and an ample terrace that are oriented towards the views, that are even better from this level.

Photo by Max Toro

The second action was the creation of a balcony surrounding the main floor. It serves as an extension of the living-dining-kitchen, adding an expression of the tropical surroundings to the house. This Caribbean balcony is typical of houses in our region. The third action was the creation of the gardens, terraces and swimming pools in the acquired land. The house simply projects towards the rocks on which the house sits, elevating it from the sea.

Photo by Stephen & Gil Amiaga

It is a natural vocabulary that adapts to the topography, the stones, slopes and flora. The house is an example of an architecture that totally responds to its surroundings, in its macro scale as well as in its micro scale. The spectacular site demanded an equally spectacular solution.
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